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    Reliable Borer Control Service in London

    Are your wooden furniture infested by borers? Are you worried that it will spread to all your costly wooden furniture? Do you need a reliable borer control service London to take care of the borer issue? Borers become a nightmare for anyone who has wooden furniture or wood in floors or anywhere else in building structure.

    Borers are harmful to wood timbers in your residential and commercial property. They damage it and cause a great loss and affect the health too. If there is a borer infestation in your office or home, then you really need to fix it before it gets out of hand. They feed on wooden starch and grow inside timber wood. You have to act quickly otherwise they will ruin your wooden furniture.

    We provide safe, customized and fast wood borer control and treatment services in London as we have a lot of satisfied customers and many years of industry experience. We know how much you valued your wooden products and furniture and know how to make sure they have a long life with our pest treatment.

    Our borer control London services are reasonably priced and most effective. You can call us anytime without any hesitation and discuss your issue and suitable solution with us. We are open 24/7 and you may call us whenever you spot borer in your home. We also offer various pest control services like bedbugs, ant control, wasp control, etc.

    Benefits of Borer Control Services

    Borers have a lot of harmful effects on everyone’s health. It also cause damage to your furniture and property too. Here is why you need to get rid of the borers using these borer control services:-

    • Borers infect hardwood and sapwood.
    • They damage structural timber.
    • Wooden furniture and fittings also get damaged by borers.
    • Some species of borer even harm the bamboo, ash wood and oak, walnut and mahagony wood with high starch.
    • Borers even cause forest fires also.
    • Borer attack can even lead to growth of fungus on wood. This spoils furniture or wood even more.
    • Wooden eaters even damage the furniture and cause harm to forestry and agriculture.

    Signs you need Borer Control London

    If you’re not sure whether your wood problems are caused by borers, the following symptoms will help you figure it out:

    • The existence of little holes in your furniture and wood objects, either oval or round in shape.
    • Borer dust or frass may also be seen on the floor beneath the timber goods.
    • Wooden boards and floors that are rotting or are weak and damaged.
    • Wood borer larvae create tunnels in the wood.
    • On the floor beneath the wooden products, there are wood borer eggs, larvae, and dead borers.
    • Borer larvae may also be heard scraping the wood, especially during their active season.

    Borer Treatment Process

    We utilise licenced and safe borer control London solutions. Our procedures are determined by the area and type of borer infestation. We assess the infestation site before deciding on the best treatment option. Take a look at some of the most efficient ways to treat a borer infestation:

    Surface Treatment

    This strategy is effective when the borer infestation is limited to a single surface. This will keep the wood borer out of your furniture. As a result, it protects your furniture and that specific surface from borers.

    Spot Treatment

    Spot treatment is a popular and successful way for controlling borer pests in homes. A good ventilation system is used to manage the weft moisture, then polyurethane and water sealants are applied to protect the wood from moisture and so give protection from borer infestation.

    Freezing Treatment

    This method works well for little pieces of furniture. Your furniture is wrapped in plastic and frozen for two weeks using this approach. Remove the furniture once it has reached room temperature.


    Fumigation is a time-consuming and costly procedure. This process must be carried out by professionals. We utilise safe chemicals for fumigation treatments at borer control London. Only pests are harmed by these chemicals, not your children or pets.


    For borer control, we use this procedure, which involves spraying chemicals or pesticides on your land. We use Boracare or Timbor with water. These chemicals penetrate wood and stay there for years, keeping borer infestation at bay. Borers are kept at bay by these anti-borer chemicals.

    Borers that are causing damage to your valuable furniture should not be ignored. Connect with us right now to see how things have changed. For borer control, our experts have extensive experience and are highly trained. They have a practical mindset, which helps them to act quickly even in emergency situations. So give us a call and book our borer control services in London.

    Why choose our Borer Control Service?

    We have a reputation for honesty and integrity in the pest control sector. We provide pest control services in all parts of London that are effective, honest, and safe. We’ve been working with our clients for several years, and they’re consistently pleased with the results. Here are some of the elements of our services that you should be aware of:-

    • Safe and eco-friendly chemicals for borer control London.
    • 24/7service.
    • Certified and effective pest control methods
    • Finest services at affordable price.
    • Licensed pest control professionals

    Don’t waste time and make the borer situation worse, call us today!


    1. Why do you want to get rid of borers?

    Borers are also known as wood borers since they chew wood for a living. If you ignore their presence, they might completely destroy your wooden furniture. Furthermore, these borers can produce fungus on furniture, which can hurt you and others in your vicinity. That is why, in order to save money and your health, you must overcome boredom.

    2. Is it necessary to dispose of my wooden furniture if a borer infestation exists?

    No. This isn’t the way to close the borders. You must contact us for borer pest treatment to prevent them from entering your home and furniture. If you get rid of one piece of furniture, they might get rid of the rest.

    3. How can you tell if you have a borer infestation?

    Ticking sounds, droppings, the presence of tunnels and flight holes in your wooden furniture, holes under the carpet, dampness in the room, fungus on furniture, damaged or weak floorboards, and the sight of dead beetles and worms are all signs of a border.

    4. How much do borer control services cost?

    No. borer control London provides high-quality borer control service at a reasonable price. We don’t have any hidden costs. A free quote can be obtained over the phone.

    5. What should you do initially if you see borers?

    Make an appointment with a professional to get rid of them. Don’t wait to try your hand at some do-it-yourself projects. Your rapid actions may be able to prevent further damage.

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