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    Are you tired of seeing holes in food packets in your kitchen? Not just food, your clothes have also holes in them? Are your worried that these mice and rats will cause disease to you and your family? Then you need to hire rodent control service in London. Rodents love to enter homes and invade your kitchen to relish food and other treats. Not just residential areas, they even infest commercial properties like warehouse, restaurants, shopping centre, etc. Your important documents, money, clothes and sometimes furniture also gets damagaed due to rodents.

    As much as we love Jerry in Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse, mice are not really pretty to be spotted in our homes. They are notorious pests whoch spread disease and cause damage wherever they are. It is very difficult to remove them on your own therefore you should hire professional rodent control service London.

    We have rodent control service London specialists who can eliminate rodents from both residential and commercial properties. We work on all projects with complete commitment, regardless of how huge or small the space is. The costs of rodent control service London are kept low so that business owners don’t have to second-guess whether or not to use the service. Always keep in mind that rodent control protects your clients, guests, and family members from harmful diseases as well as the damage of a variety of items.

    Signs of rodent infestation

    Here are some of the signs which can tell you that there are rodents in your home or office:-

    Feces and droppings of rodents

    The sight of droppings throughout your living space, drawers, cupboard area, and counters is the first symptom of a rat infestation. The droppings are usually dispersed, but they are more common near feeding places, runways, and shelter.

    Runways and Tracks

    Rodent tracks can be seen in the dust, dirt, and muck. If you don’t see any tracks, cover the area with dust and talcum powder and wait a day. The presence of little tracks indicates the presence of a rat. When rats go about looking for food, they normally take the same route every day. They leave runway marks on soil, grass and dust, especially near fences and the establishment, while doing so.


    Rodents love to chew anything which they can find. If you notice marks of bites on counter, cupboards, walls. Ceilings, sub-floors, etc, then it means there is rodent infestation.


    Burrows near the fences, walls,woodpiles, vegetation, concrete slabs and under-building is another clear sign that there is a rodent infestation.

    Yellow or dark brown Urine Stains

    Urine stains are visible on the floor, in the cupboard, and around the house.

    Oil and Grease Marks

    The oily fur of rodents produces grease and oil streaks in the areas where they crawl.


    Even though rats are masters at camouflage, you may readily detect their presence by listening to the sounds they produce as they travel and move around.


    The rodent’s urine odour and musky odour can be evident in a poorly ventilated house.

    Food Items Leftover

    Rats are known for leaving half-eaten food in their wake. Call a professional pest controller if you detect any of these telltale indicators.

    Prevention of rodent infestation

    The easiest approach to keep rodents at bay is to keep them out of the house in the first place.

    Consider how you can keep these disease-carrying pests off your property.

    • Because rats hide in gardens, trimming the vegetation close to the building should be the first line of defence.
    • Make sure there are no gaps at the entrance by inspecting the perimeter. If there are any, make sure they’re properly sealed.
    • Pipes, cables, wires, and windows are all ways from which they can crawl inside the house.
    • Remove any water puddles that have formed around the house as soon as possible.
    • Use traps whenever necessary to help avoid rodent infestation.
    • Additionally, dispose of the pits as far away from the premises as possible.

    Finally, if you still can’t get rid of your rodent problem, it’s time to call Rodent control service. With the help of trained and experienced experts, we provide the finest solution for rodent problems.

    Rodent Control Treatment process

    • The rodent control procedure begins with a thorough examination of the premises. To identify rat infestation, voids beneath the roof, corners of the house, basements, storerooms, fissures, burrows, holes in the garden, and many other areas are inspected.
    • Our experts identify all of the conditions that encourage rodent proliferation in the environment.
    • To prevent rodents from entering the area, all possible entries are carefully identified and shut.
    • Fumigation and pesticides are employed to ensure that all of the hidden rodents emerge from their burrow.
    • To avoid problems like skin allergies, congestion, rashes, and itching, only high-quality products are used during the rodent pest control operation.
    • If you have children or pets at home, they will be able to enter the premises without difficulty within a few hours.
    • After a few days, the residence or commercial complex is fully rodent-free. All of the rats must come into touch with the baiting systems and pesticides over time. As a result, you may not experience total relief in a single day.
    • If you want long-term results from rodent control service London, follow our experts’ recommendations for preventing rodent infestation.

    Why choose our Rodent control London service?

    Rodents can cause a mess in homes. Thus, it’s important to know the signs and what needs to be done in case of rodent infestation. Our rodent control service London service has experienced and trained professionals who know how to manage any type of rodent infestation. Here are some other reasons why you should hire us:-

    • 24/7 availability
    • Effective and high quality service
    • 100% guarantee
    • Emergency and same-day service
    • Effective and safe tools and products used


    1. Do you have a service for removing dead rats?

    We do, in fact, provide a dead rat removal service. Additionally, our professionals sanitise the area to guarantee that it is free of bacteria, germs, and pollutants.

    2. Which rats are the most common in Australia?

    Brown rats and black rats are the most frequent rat species in Australia.

    3. Is there a terrible odour from the dead rats?

    It can take a number of weeks for a dead rat to decompose, and during that time, it might emit a nasty and unpleasant odour. Furthermore, the odour of decomposing rats can make a person feel sick and cause severe migraines.

    4. What is the most effective rat and mouse bait?

    Peanut butter is thought to be an excellent rat and mouse bait. Just make sure there’s a small amount of peanut butter in the bait.

    5. How much does a rodent control service cost?

    At rodent control service London, we provide the most dependable rodent control service at an affordable price. Do you want to know how much it will cost? Request a free on-call quote by calling us.

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