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    Did you just hear the sound of wasp flying above your head while you were searching for yourgardening tools in garage? Do you think you just saw a nest of wasps in a tree in your garden? Well, if that is yoru case, then don’t panic. Wasps are insects which have the combined traits of bees and ants. Some people even believe that wasps are a member of the bee family. But in terms of body, wasps are completely different from bees, they are not fuzzy and have a narrow body. The shape of wasp head looks similar to the ant’s head but there are wings and six legs.

    Amongst the pests, wasps is the most annoying insect to infest your home or commercial property.  It is not an unusual thing if you will find a wasp nest near your property, but you may not be able to spot it early. To stop wasp infestation from getting out of hand, it’s best to learn how you can identify a wasp infestation right in the beginning before it get’s worse. To ensure protection from wasps, we are here to provide you Wasp Control London services.  There are around 1000 wasps in a nest of wasp.

    Our wasp control London offers same-day and emergency Wasp control and removal service. We provide rapid and effective service. Although they help you in controlling the population of pother pests in garden, wasps don’t share the honey producing and pollination qualities of honeybees. So, it’s crucial to eliminate them as soon as possible. This is where we will help you! Pest Control London has over years of experience in Wasp Control London. So, call us today and schedule a wasp control London service.

    Signs you need Wasp control service

    If you find that the infestation around your house or office is getting worse by the day, there is almost certainly a nest nearby. Since it’s formed of wood pulp and their saliva, a nest looks like a papery wall. Inspecting for a nest in a building’s wall cavity, on the roof of the structure, in your house sheds and garages, beneath the building of your home, in the parking lot of your business building, or in bird boxes are some common places to look.

    If you can’t find a nest after checking the building, you can follow a wasp’s return path and see where it travels. It will eventually bring you to the nest. Because of the increased amount of nests, it is easier to inspect for a nest in the summer or spring. Moreover wasps die in winter.

    The size of the nest being examined can range from a golf ball to a football or even larger. Before they grow in number and become violent, it is recommended that you hire a Wasp control and removal agency and install a protective system as soon as you find a nest.

    Prevention from wasp infestation

    Best way to prevent wasp infestation is by hiring a wasp control and removal services as soon as you spot a wasp in your home. Your quick action will save you and your family from getting stung. If you want to prevent wasp infestation then you need to make changes like never leave any food crumb or drinks outside the home. Here are few other tips which you should follow to prevent wasps getting in your home:-

    • Ensure that the garbage bins are closed tightly, so that no pests can enter it. Keep garbage away from the windows and doors to prevent any insect from entering it.
    • Keep windows and doors shut or use mesh barrier to stop insects from getting inside your home.
    • Once you have spotted a wasp nest in your home or garden, then make sure that your family members stay away from the area.
    • Make sure that you check wasp nests regularly in the beginning of summer to stop any further infestation.

    Wasp Control London Process


    The key to properly removing wasps from your property is correctly identifying the type of wasp that has infested it. Depending on the wasp species, our experts may utilise a treatment method.

    Our professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in recognising the common wasp species in addition to differentiating between bees and wasps.

    Treatment and Recommendation

    Our Wasp control experts will provide a treatment advice once the wasp has been identified. The removal method recommended by our expert will depend on a number of criteria, including the location of the nest, the type of wasp, local and state legislation, the intensity of the infestation, and more. Once you’ve decided on a treatment, the Wasp control specialists will provide you with a quote for the service. Dust, aerosols, and liquid treatments will all be used, but the treatment procedures will be different. With the use of a stinging pole, our expert will additionally spray it to the nest. During this procedure, they will be wearing protective gear.

    Why choose our Wasp control service?

    • Dependable: We have been the number one choice for pest control and extermination for many years. You may rely on us to arrive on time and do the essential service to the best of our skills.
    • Honesty: We have the utmost respect for both our clients and their properties. As a result, when you contact us for a service, you will always receive honest and open pricing.
    • You can always rely on our high-quality work. So, if you’re seeking for someone to assist you with Wasp control and extermination, give us a call right away!


    1. Which wasps are most likely to make their home in my London home?

    European Wasps are the most common form of wasp seen by London locals, and they are known to become aggressive when threatened. It is critical not to attack or approach their nests since they may sting you or a loved one.

    2. What attracts wasps?

    Floral patterns, vivid colours, powerful pleasant aromas, easy access to water and food, and any place that is suitable to reproduction attract them.

    3. How many wasps can a nest hold?

    The size of the nest varies according on the time of year. On an ideal summer day, however, you might expect 3,000 to 6,000 wasps in a nest. It’s important to check for infestations on a regular basis, and to avoid being stung, it’s best to address an infestation with a control and removal service as soon as you see it.

    4. Is there a distinction between a wasp and a hornet?

    The size and colour of a wasp and a hornet differ; a hornet is larger and black and white in colour, whilst a wasp is smaller and black and yellow in colour.

    5. What methods do professionals use to get rid of wasps?

    Your professional will treat the nest with dusts, aerosols and liquids depending on where the nest is located and the type of wasp or hornet. Once the colony has been exterminated, your professional will totally dismantle the nest to prevent a future colony of wasps or hornets from using it.

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